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In order to get that perfect look, I keep to the following practices...
  1. Keep grout joints under 1/2 inches
    If it is a groutless stone then I keep the joints under 1/8 of an inch.
  2. Cut the stone
    You want to fit as many stones without cutting to maintain a natural look. However, not all the stones cooperate so cutting is mandatory to achieve a neat look that an interior needs.
  3. The cake bag
    After the installation, I will use a grout bag to fill in the joints similar to a cake decorator. After filling, I use a small paintbrush to cut in the joints, recessing them a bit to accentuate the edges of the stone. This phase is crucial in achieving a neat finish.
  4. Grout color
    This is a personal preference based on whether the customer is looking for contrast or to match joint color with stone color.
  5. One installer
    I set every stone on every job.

    Natural 1" Minus Flagstone Veneer

Austin Cream Kitchen Bar   Austin Cream Fireplace

Mountain Ledge Fireplace   Roughcut Autumn Leaf Fireplace

Roughcut Candle Wall   Stacked Stone Alderwood

Roughcut Autumn Leaf CandleWall   Roughcut Autumn Leaf Kitchen Bar

Contact me for an estimate:
972-808-6546 | aj@ajstoneveneer.com

Serving several major counties in Texas including
Dallas, Collin, Denton, Grayson, and Tarrant.
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